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Thank you for your order and your patients.

I am currently answering all emails, texts, and calls one day a week so I can focus my time on sewing the orders.

IF YOU ORDERED A INVERTED ELASTIC BANDOLIER OR 6 MAGAZINE ELASTIC CHEST RIG: Black 5” mil spec elastic has been hard to get. If you are okay with RANGER GREEN instead, just email us your order number and say “ranger green is fine”

Right now I am the only one sewing the orders, and I still have classes I am teaching on the weekends. (Andrew from the YouTube videos)

We have your order in your system and you will get it. Everything is made to order since we have so many items on our website.

Sorry it’s taking so long, we got hundreds of orders over the holidays and we are still catching up. We are at a point of success where we are having to grow to keep up.

I am currently training another sewer to get these orders done but she is sewing the simpler items like slings and flashlight shock cord adapters.