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Made to order
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Bump in the night bag

Made to order

Built to be a simple cross body bag for a bump in the night

Would also work great for a truck gun bag or a EDC bag.


Weight - 8.1 Ounces

Bag - 8" x 8"

Strap - Up to 69" (including bag in measurement)

Zippered front pouch - 7" x 7"

Zippered main pouch - 8" x 8" x 3"

Side pistol/flashlight pockets - 3"x 4"

Back rifle/shotgun card pockets - 3.5" x 6"

Bottom shock cord - designed to fit CAT Tourniquet


- Soft Velcro Front face 7" x 5.5" - Used for shotgun cards (WE DO NOT SELL SHOTGUN CARDS) or moral patches or other items

- Soft Velcro interior - Used for mounting a holster to make the BUMP BAG into more of an EDC Bag

- Flap lids for PISTOL magazine pockets secured with Velcro

- Flap lids for RIFLE magazine pockets secured with Velcro

- Shock cord pull tabs for RIFLE magazine pockets 

If you break it we will fix it. If you break it on purpose, we will not fix it. Elastic and shock cord wear out and we do not replace those items. We do not cancel orders or do returns, all sales are final.