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Combat Art Training

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No other class will you learn more in one day. New and Experienced shooters are welcome. We are here to help people be best prepared for the worst situation, and that starts with proper training. This is a pistol class that teaches medical, firearm safety, gunfight oriented weapons handling, skill development, and tactics. This is the first step on the path to competency and proficiency. 


  • Safety
  • Use of a tourniquet 
  • Use of or threatened use of lethal force 
  • Florida law
  • Weapons handling
  • Target areas
  • Incapacitation vs lethality
  • Drawing from concealment
  • Marksmanship
  • Emergency and tactical reloads
  • Malfunctions clearing 
  • Verbal commands
  • Movement and maneuvering 
  • Use of cover, concealment and barriers
  • contact shooting
  • 911 call interacting with Law Enforcement
  • Gunfighting tactics


1. Positive attitude

2. Hearing protection and Eye protection (electronic hearing protection recommended) 

3. 750 rounds of quality ammunition minimum (bring as many more as you would like), (brass case ammo runs better)
If you need to buy ammo contact Cabragh Arms LLC, we can bring your ammo to class 813-380-5077 

4. Quality semi automatic pistol (not a revolver class)

5. Minimum of three extra magazines (if you have more, bring all of them) (if you have a single stack gun bring six magazines)

6. Quality belt mounted holster, inner waistband kydex holster is preferred (ABSOLUTELY NO SERPA HOLSTERS, URBAN CARRY HOLSTERS, STICKY HOLSTERS, NYLON HOLSTERS, OR POCKET HOLSTERS) 

7. Gun belt (watch our youtube channel for reccomendations)

8. Magazine carrier

9. Pants with belt loops (we are wearing our guns on our belts)

10. Closed toe shoes or boots (they will get muddy)

11. Note taking gear 

12. Water (lots of it!)

13. Pack a lunch


Recommended items

1. UpLULA® – 9mm to 45ACP universal pistol mag loader (ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN)

2. Sunscreen

3. Camping chair

4. Cooler full of ice

5. Tight undershirt T-shirt for women (protects breasts from hot brass and you wont be worried about showing too much of your body when you draw from concealment)


Pistols, rifles, extra magazines, holster, and magazines can be rented free of charge.   

Select a date “WITH RENTAL GUN” to rent:

1. Pistol (Glock 19 in 9mm)

2. Holster (Inner waistband kydex)

3. Magazines

4. magazine carrier. 

You are responsible for bringing all other items.

If you need to buy ammo contact Cabragh Arms LLC, we can bring your ammo to class

Cabragh Arms LLC


Rentals guns must use FACTORY NEW, BRASS CASED, FULL METAL JACKET ammunition. 

NO reloaded ammunition and NO steel cased ammunition. This keeps you safe and the gun in working order.

If you rent a gun and bring your own ammunition it must be in the ORIGINAL BOXES they came in. This ensures that there are no mistakes and the correct ammunition is used. 

If you fail to follow these rules and your ammunition breaks a gun, you buy it.

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  • 5
    Essential class

    Posted by c weerts on Jun 24th 2023

    Took Carry Pistol 1 class recently and it was truly an amazing experience. More than what I was hoping for. Andrew is a super nice guy, very personable and also a great teacher. Knowledgeable, professional, patient and always learning and growing himself. The class covers a ton of, pistol operation, drawing from holster, trigger control, combat reload, clearing malfunctions, retrieving magazines, shooting on the move, shooting from cover/concealment, shooting under stress, medical/trauma kit, legal/moral/tactical self-defense considerations and more. There is SO much value in this class, totally worth the cost. It really was a profound learning experience. I'm looking forward to taking more classes with Andrew and have already recommended Combat Art to friends and family. Thank you Andrew!

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