Rifleman 2

Combat Art Training

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Rifleman I


Now that you have learned to use your pistol and rifle in close distances, it is time to integrate your skills together! You will constantly be moving, using cover, transitioning between weapons, and shooting farther in this advanced rifle class. Zero your rifles sights before class at 50 yards.


  • Safety
  • Weapons handling
  • Transitions from rifle to pistol
  • Threat focus shooting
  • Supine shooting
  • One handed shooting
  • One handed rifle reloads
  • One handed rifle malfunctions
  • Stress fire
  • Emergency trauma drills
  • Barricade shooting
  • Unconventional uses of cover
  • Buddy team communication
  • Buddy team bounding
  • Gunfighting tactics


1. Positive attitude

2. Hearing protection

3. Eye protection (prescription glasses are fine)

4. Baseball cap

5. 900 rounds minimum of quality RIFLE ammunition (bring as much as you can

6. 200 rounds of quality PISTOL ammunition
If you need to buy ammo contact Cabragh Arms LLC, we can bring your ammo to class 813-380-5077 

7. Quality semi automatic rifle with sights and a sling

8. Quality semi automatic pistol 

9. Minimum of three RIFLE magazines (if you have more, bring all of them)

10. Minimum of three PISTOL magazines (if you have more, bring all of them)

11. Quality belt mounted holster, outer waistband Safariland ALS or kydex holster is preferred inner waistband holster is acceptable too (ABSOLUTELY NO SERPA HOLSTERS, NYLON HOLSTERS, URBAN CARRY HOLSTERS, OR STICKY HOLSTERS) 

12. Gun belt

13. RIFLE magazine carrier (you may use your pockets, just make sure the magazines fit)

14. PISTOL magazine carrier mounted on belt

15. Water

16. Note taking gear

17. Pack a lunch


Pistols, rifles, extra magazines, holster, and magazines can be rented free of charge.   

Select a date “WITH RENTAL GUN” to rent:

1. AR15 in 5.56/.223 or AK47 in 7.62x39

2. Glock 19 in 9mm

3. Holster

4. Magazines

5. Magazine carrier

You are responsible for bringing all other items.

If you need to buy ammo contact Cabragh Arms LLC, we can bring your ammo to class

Cabragh Arms LLC


Rentals guns must use FACTORY NEW, BRASS CASED, FULL METAL JACKET ammunition. 

NO reloaded ammunition and NO steel cased ammunition. This keeps you safe and the gun in working order.

If you rent a gun and bring your own ammunition it must be in the ORIGINAL BOXES they came in. This ensures that there are no mistakes and the correct ammunition is used. 

If you fail to follow these rules and your ammunition breaks a gun, you buy it.

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