6 Magazine Elastic Chest Rig

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The 6 Magazine Elastic Chest Rig is meant to be a chest rig that you keep stored for an emergency, stored in a bag, with a truck gun, or with every extra rifle you own.

It can be also be worn covertly under your shirt or worn as a bandolier.

It features six magazine compartments that you can fir AR15 magazines, AK47 magaaines, or 12 gauge shotgun cards in.

There is a center spaced portion that allows you to fold the rig over for storage without overstressing the elastic. The backstraps can be secured using the included shock cord and cord lock.


Rig - 26" x 5"


Elastic is not covered. Stitching is 100% covered, strap is 100% covered, hardware is 100% covered.