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Shotguns are and experts weapon. This class will give you the necessary skills to effectivley fight with a shotgun. You will be shooting fast, clearing malfunctions, transitioning to a pistol, shooting on the move, using cover, and doing slug change overs. You will learn to dominate the fight with a shotgun.


  • Safety
  • Ready ups
  • Malfunctions
  • Pistol transitions
  • Patterning shotguns
  • Slug changeover 
  • Verbal commands
  • Use of cover
  • Shooting on the move
  • Post pause shooting


1. Positive attitude

2. Hearing protection (electronic hearing protection is recommended)

3. Eye protection (prescription glasses are fine)

4. Baseball cap

5. 250 BIRDSHOT (#8 OR #7 1/2) shells minimum quality FACTORY NEW ammunition (Bring more if you have it)
If you need to buy ammo contact Cabragh Arms LLC, we can bring your ammo to class 813-380-5077 

6. 20 BUCKSHOT shells (00 buck)

7. 20 Rifled slugs

8. Quality pump or semi automatic shotgun with sights (bead, iron sights, or red dot) and a sling (single point is reccomended for pump shotguns) (slings available in our store) IF YOU HAVE A CHOKE MAKE SURE IT IS A MODIFIED CHOKE OR SMALLER

9. Gun belt

10. Shotgun ammo carrier

11. Note taking gear

12. Water and lots of it! 2 gallons recommended 

13. Pack a lunch


Optional to bring a pistol but not required.

If you bring a pistol, bring this gear: 

1.  Quality semi automatic pistol  

2. Minimum of three PISTOL magazines (if you have more, bring all of them) 

3. Quality belt mounted holster, outer waistband Safariland ALS or kydex holster is preferred, inner waistband holster is acceptable too (ABSOLUTELY NO SERPA HOLSTERS, NYLON HOLSTERS, URBAN CARRY HOLSTERS, OR STICKY HOLSTERS)  

4. 100 rounds of quality PISTOL ammunition (Bring more if you have it)


Pistols, rifles, extra magazines, holster, and magazines can be rented free of charge.   

Select a date “WITH RENTAL GUN” to rent:

1. Pump shotgun (12 gauge 2 3/4" ammo)

2. Magazine carrier 

You are responsible for bringing all other items.

If you need to buy ammo contact Cabragh Arms LLC, we can bring your ammo to class

Cabragh Arms LLC


Rental guns must use FACTORY NEW ammunition. 

NO reloaded ammunition. This keeps you safe and the gun in working order.

If you put reloads in our guns and our gun breaks or someone gets injured, you will be held liable.

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    Awesome class!

    Posted by christopher weerts on Jul 21st 2023

    Took Combat Shotgun a few weeks ago with Combat Art Training. This is my second class with them and they surely didn't disappoint. Awesome class to learn how to run a shotgun for combat! The instructors and participants were all great. It was a decent sized class but plenty of one-on-one attention and there was a good team feeling. The class covered safety, shotgun handling (both pump and semi auto) and ready positions, clearing malfunctions, burst shooting and reloading, port loading, slug changeover, shooting on the move, post pause shooting and transitioning to a pistol. Also spent some time where everyone got to pattern their shotguns with different brands of ammo at different distances. Invaluable experience well worth the money and a great bunch of people! Combat Art also brought some of their own products (soaps, shotgun cards, bags, etc) for sale which was really cool. Looking forward to taking Rifleman I with Combat Art soon! Thanks Andrew and team!