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7 shot shotgun cards

New design for shotgun cards. We are using a two layers of Latex brand webbing with rubber threads (grips the shells better and conforms to their shape). On top we are using 1.5" elastic to give the right amount of retention where the shells are easy to get out but you cannot shake them out.

We went with 7 shells because we found that was the amount you can fit on most shotguns. 

These shotgun cards can be either mounted to the receiver of your shotgun or on another soft loop velcro surface.

We have found that these work great with a BUMP BAG with a velcro front face. Put a card on your shotgun and replace it with a card from your bumo bag when it runs out.

To mount these on your shotgun, buy some adhesive loop velcro (soft velcro), cut it to match the left side of your shotgun receiver, clea the surface of oils and dirt, mount the adhesive velcro, and place your shotgun card on the receiver. 


8" x 2" overall size

7" x 2" Hook velcro on the back

2" latex rubber webbing

1.5" elastic

Holds 7 shells

Elastic wears out and we will not replace worn elastic. Shotgun cards are like magazines, they will get worn out the more you use them. Any failure besides really old elastic, we will fix it.